Relationship Reload

Hi guys! At least it hasn’t been long since my last post – I’ll get better at this.

I want to talk to you about relationships. The girl-meets-boy kinda relationship. Because I’ve met a boy. And it only seems relevant to share about it now.

Long story short, we met in the starting month of this year on a Christian online dating site (shout out to Christian Connection). We gave each other a Christian wave, I told him to add me on Facebook, he didn’t. Not until three months later anyway. After the friend request was reluctantly accepted, we started talking. What became a once or twice every two days or so became a regular thing and we could not stop messaging and telling each other everything. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G

We then moved on to Skype and hoped that he didn’t turn out to be a 60 year-old behind a screen. When I found out he wasn’t, thank goodness, we continued skyping every now and then which also became a regular thing, like eating and sleeping. Of course, not as often as eating – that’d be ridiculous. Nothing beats food.

We had our first date two months after talking, which went a bit too well because I kissed him 30 minutes into a movie we were watching, and carried on seeing each other. Our dates were, and still are, banterous which I love because if your man does not have humour, your time with him will be as dry as that chapped lips of yours in the winter. Humour is like chapstick or vaseline. It moisturises the lips so that when you laugh, they won’t bleed.

We even spent a few days in London (yes we stayed in a hotel, shame on us) and it was not until we fine dined in Hilton did he ask me out. Finally. I said yes. We had celebratory sex. Haha, only joking!

Fast forward to today, we are now 5 months into our relationship and I could not have wanted a more perfect boyfriend (maybe I should make that near perfect cos he ain’t all that perfect). He’s pretty great. And I want to leave the post up to here for today because there will be lots more stories to come and learn from, after the New Year.

P.S. that photo was taken during a pretty recent date in Surrey Hills. I look way too happy. I apologise


2 thoughts on “Relationship Reload

  1. Wow that’s great, so happy to hear that online dating works out sometimes! Talking for a long time before is usually a bad idea, but I guess in your case it worked out.

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