Review: voguechoies

Hello everyone! Definitely long time no see – it has been a super long time indeed. Nevertheless, here I am writing a blog post after my crazy uni deadlines (which I will talk about later on in another post). I’ve been itching to go back to blogging and possibly vlogging but let’s just keep it to one thing at a time, eh? I promise you I won’t ghost out anymore – this is serious!

Anyway, I was approached by a company whose brand isn’t that unfamiliar and asked if I wanted to do some sort of collaboration. After back-and-forth emails, I said yes. That sounded a bit like a proposal agreement (I’m not married yet, don’t worry!) I looked through their products online and was actually after a particular one but the second time I visited the site, it was gone. Boo… So then I had to get an alternative and found this little beauty (more pictures to come through):

Get yours here

Yeah I know. Some of you might be thinking Why on earth would I need a kitchen utensil storage unit??? Well the thing is, I don’t really but it was the next best thing to having something to store my bits and bobs in. Because all the crap I buy, and receive, I hoard so it wouldn’t hurt to buy something to keep all that in.

It got delivered around two weeks later. Opened the box and it was the same colour as seen on the website (thank goodness). Sometimes, all these online products just don’t look the same in real life and it’s like, what are you spending all that money for? Fortunately, I’ve shopped at Choies before and so far so good in terms of the product looking exactly the way it should be. The pieces are so easy to assemble and even though it might not look like it’ll secure together, trust me it will. It was a bit hard to pull them apart but it’s not impossible. Very easy to use, disassemble and clean. An easy 5/5.

Make sure you head down to their online shop on Wish here as they sell some of the cutest things and they’ll be perfect for an awesome Christmas present this year. Choies also has its own website with many more fabulous things so be sure to check that out too.

This is probably the quickest post I’ve written since, like, ever but I’ll be back with many more content and life stories to fill your procrastination days with.



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