Behind the Editorials: Revisiting the Classic Look

Bird just casually flying over. Stop being in someone’s spotlight bird!

Some time in April, I got together with a photographer I found on Facebook in a network group full of creatives (photographers, make-up artists, models, etc.) who was looking for a stylist. I got the chance to say yes as I’ve been wanting to build up my menswear styling which I have really enjoyed but I also want to do a lot more of and working with different body shapes and discovering designers.


Another London shoot meant another small journey on the coach. Nothing bad happened this time which was good! It was a sunny day and the area was pretty posh, filled with a number of big houses and buildings that scream million-pound households. We got to shooting a bit after make-up was done and hair was gelled into a slick back, wet look which pretty much stayed on like a Barbie Ken doll during the rest of the shoot.


I had some pieces from a womenswear designer as I thought to make the most of it as I was keeping them a few days more until I had to return them. Obviously made for a woman, a lot of the pieces didn’t fit nevertheless, we tried/force them on the model haha! Some worked and some just didn’t make it through the triangular shape of a guy’s body, which was fine as I had options of clothing to choose from.



We then had the model to start jumping as we’d like a more dynamic and fun pose, something awkward and strange but at the same time beautiful like the editorials you’d find in i-D and Dazed and Confused magazines. The photographer managed to capture the model’s pose in the air, which sometimes can be quite hard because the timing needs to be right, and we got a good few shots from the day.




So much so that the editorial was featured in deFUZE magazine online which is pretty cool. The day ended well and we got talking over the dinner table during a lunch break which consisted of a simple pesto pasta home-made meal. I thoroughly enjoyed the shoot and I’m sure we’ll be working together soon on another fashion project.


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