Diamond in the Rough||In the Beginning…

This segment of my blog focuses on my faith. Here I’ll be talking about my upbringing in the Christian home and how I came to faith. All the illustrations that come with these words are by me and I’ve got my own portfolio for them: illustrationsbypriscilla.wordpress.com

I’ve been wanting to talk about my faith for ages and thought blogging would be the best platform to do it! So here is the first of many posts and I hope you enjoy reading it, maybe inspired by it.


Cilla x

In the Beginning…

I was born in February 1996 (shout out to the 90s kids crew!!) My knowledge of God and his creation story came from weeks and weeks of church going as a child but little did I know what He and the Bible would mean to me later on (to come in future posts).

I think being born in Indonesia, the country with the most number of Muslims in the world, had some effect. I mean, there are Christians being persecuted there, depending on the parts of the country and it would usually be the ones where there’s little percentage of them, but fortunately I wasn’t one of them. The Lord has blessed me with a family who introduced me to this belief and although our small church closed down a few times, I loved going. I made friends there and went to the Sunday School that kind of became a competition in finding books of the Bible as well as who can read the best. And of course, it wouldn’t be Indonesia without the fried Indonesian snacks at the end of the service (forget biscuits and tea – it is the best thing!)

I remember making this book that illustrates God’s relationship with the world. It was very simple; it was just a book with coloured cards something like the one below. It starts with the green representing the beginning of creation and the garden of Eden, then people started disobeying God and fell into sin (black) but Jesus came into the world to save us from sin (red) and wipe our slates clean (white) so we can be with God again in heaven (yellow). I think those were the colours.


So from a young age, I knew the foundation of Christianity and read the Bible understanding what God did but I haven’t given up my life yet. Apparently, from the words of mother, I gave my life to the Lord at the age of 5 and obviously I can’t remember saying that. What I do remember though was surrendering at the age of 10/11 after a holiday club at church in Norwich.

From then on, I started having my own devotional thing daily (and I mean, everyday – the dedication!) I read a passage from the Bible, however small or big they are, and asked for understanding and what I can get from it, how I can put it into practice. It was also a chance for me to learn English too as I was there for a couple of years (I moved to the UK when I was 8). I still have the book that where I kept what I read and when:

At this point, I was excited what God has in store for me. I was young when I opened the door for Christ to come into my life but as life got on, nothing is ever easy. And like anyone else, I faced challenges and turned away from God for a bit but that will be in another post.


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