Behind the Editorials: Muse II

As a freelance stylist, I love being given the chance to work with a lot of different creatives and if I were to start counting with how many people I’ve worked with in shoots, I wouldn’t be able to keep count – I have always been determined to work on my portfolio in the quietest and busiest of times in life.

This particular shoot happened not too long ago; I think it might have been on the 21st March when I planned to also attend a fashion networking event but I wasn’t able to as my coach didn’t make it on time and I got a bit lost in Whitechapel (due to roadworks) so I decided to just go to the location of the shoot.

The day happened with yet another early morning, having to wake up at such hour to make it for the 5.30am coach – I guess you can call it dedication.

So with the coach being slightly late, I rushed to get to Whitechapel quickly as I thought it would be better to attend an hour of the event than none at all. When I got there, I was so ready with Google maps and the directions to the place but was boggled by the unexpected roadworks happening right in front of the station. I decided to have a very early lunch instead in a nearby park, all in my lonesome, only to get back to the station to catch the tube to Seven Sisters.


Not gonna lie, I was lost here too haha! But once I contacted the photographer, it was all fine and dandy. I was a little startled when I got to the street as it was a pretty industrial environment but there was some sort of back street extension to the road of the same name and I was taken aback. It was incredible! The graffiti art is amazing and almost the whole strip of the wall was covered with it. I’ve been wanting to find something like this so it was a great surprise.


As for the location, one clever trick that I received from the photographer was to find and pay for places from Air B&B and I guess it would be a better option if you’re looking for something cheaper, especially if you have your own lights or the place has natural lighting already fit for what you photograph.




The whole day went well and I’m glad that I got to work with the talented Kit (or Kip – still not sure!) who has his own magazine, which was what this web editorial was for, called Eight Magazine and the editorial can be seen here:



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