Behind The Editorials: Shifted Elusion

This is a new segment to my blog where I show you behind the scenes to most of the editorials I’ve done and those that I’ll do in the future.

The first goes back to the shoot I did in October (I think?) in London with a team of creatives from the Arts University Bournemouth. Before the shoot happened, I had to collect a pretty heavy collection which consisted of mostly velvet and printed fabric from a fashion graduate the night before I had to travel. And being the student that I was, I dragged what was once an empty suitcase to the coach station at 3 bloody am. Yes, 3 am. In the spitting rain. For 30 minutes. Great start to the day!


I was the first to arrive in the cold, windy and gloomy weather that London welcomed me to. A few hours later, the whole crew (minus the model) arrived and we were there waiting for the model. This wasn’t for an hour at max, oh no. This was a few more hours added the the few hours I had to wait for the others to arrived and I was just standing there like why??? Stop being such a diva, just get your model ass over here!


So after an anxious wait, the model arrived. We were hoping for about two to three girls but those models backed out which was great. Nevertheless, Ayolaa made it despite last minute notice for the shoot, which she only just realised that same morning, which I guess was fair enough. The shoot finally began.


We invaded that whole office space outside, holding the model’s belongings, a cup of coffee and umbrellas observing Ayolaa moving from spot to spot getting her feet pretty dirty. We got told off once for standing in “danger zone”, the model that is, as it was only like some grid flooring so the guard warned us that we weren’t allowed to have her stand there due to health and safety reasons, of course. But that didn’t stop Luca, the photographer, to choose another spot.


Overall, despite all the unfortunate events that happened on the day, I was really pleased with the whole day. I particularly remember this was a Wednesday as I had to miss half a day of university which I was pretty disappointed about as during the time I had missed a lot of uni so I was rather worried about my failing attendance.

The photos came out really well and I’d like to thank the whole team again, especially the designers whose collections I was able to borrow – without them, the shoot would not happen!


View the editorial here

The team:

Luca Anzalone

Ben Ramshaw

Giada Citro

Betty Westerman

Laura Haines


Naa Williams




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