Primark Haul!

Hello there! Hope you’re having a great day 🙂 This is my first ever Primark haul video so I hope you enjoyed it! I did go to London on Valentine’s Day and literally I couldn’t feel any love because it was still a working day so nothing romantic happened like a big balloon heart or something giving you flowers or a box of chocolates, which would have been absolutely nice. If you haven’t already, read my blog post about that Friday and why I went here:

Anyway, if you want to join Sun+ as mentioned in the video then visit here:
You pay only £1 to join the first month and after that will be a higher rate for monthly payment so what I usually do is cancel my subscription on the last day and use another email with another account (it’s not illegal right?) so I can continue to use it for another few months. You get all the goodness from the Sun such as the perks, lotto, apps and goals (football stuff) which is brill brill brill!!

I will mention this on another video in case you’re one of those who never reads the description which is a shame ’cause you should always try to! My links are down there, go to them and follow me (gosh, isn’t there anything better to do??) – go on! Haha, only joking but if you do like this video THEN THUMBS IT UP and SUBCRIBE if you haven’t already. My only deal is that if I get more than 100 subs then I’ll do 2 videos and THAT IS A PROMISE!! Anyway, what was I talking about? Oohh yes…

I’m now an Avon rep so I sell stuff using Avon brochures which I’ll let you know a little soon in the next video. If you’d like to buy from me or see the fantastically cheap Avon products, then click here to see fab cosmetics stuff:

If you’d like to have a subscription in Graze boxes, another thing I’ll mention in the next video, then go here: and use my friendcode so you can get your 1st, 5th and 10th box free! Pretty good deal if you ask me 😉 Choose your own snacks and personalise them by rating how much you like them and the team will do all their best to match your preferences and they’ll always get it right! Here’s the friendcode (use it!): PRISCI2HB

Stalk me… (optional)
INSTAGRAM: @pruneyar


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