Top 10 Playlists

Victoria’s Top 10 K-Pop Playlist:

1) Wolf – EXO

2) Just one day – BTS

3) Boys in Luv – BTS

4) Bar bar bar – Crayon Pop

5) Something – Girl’s day

6) Baby don’t cry – EXO

7) Come back home – 2ne1

8) Missing you – 2ne1

9) Hello – Nu’est

10) Can’t Stop – CNBlue


Robyn’s Top 10:

1) Radioactive – Imagine Dragons

2) Counting Stars – One Republic

3) Where is the Love – Black Eyed Peas

4) Hideaway – Kiesza

5) Ready for Your Love – Gorgon City feat. Mnek

6) Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke feat. Pharrell

7) Addicted to You – Avicii

8) We Can’t Stop – Miley Cyrus

9) Say Something – A Great Big World

10) Waiting All Night – Rudimental feat. Ella Eyre


Damithra’s Top 10:

1) Unconditionally – Katy Perry

2) Let it Go – Demi Lovato

3) Heart Vacancy – The Wanted

4) TGIF – Katy Perry

5) Timber – Ke$ha feat. Pitbull

6) Dark Horse – Katy Perry

7) Wild Heart – The Vamps

8) Viva la Vida – Coldplay

9) Ready or Not – Bridgit Mendler

10) Disco Love – The Saturdays

My Top 10 K-Pop Playlist (part II)

1) What Is Love – EXO – I am in LOVE with this song! Firstly, the vocal abilities of Baekhyun and D.O are just to die for. They are amazing singers and secondly the arrangement is too good and I love the meaning behind the song. They all look so stylish and smart, liking the fashion side of the music video. I love this song so much that I listen to it multiple times everyday and now I can sing the chorus by heart and I want to be able to remember the rest of the lyrics too but that’s taking a while

2) XOXO – EXO – There is nothing wrong with having two songs by the same artist! This song is very catchy and lighthearted; it will brighten your day up anytime. I guess it’s a cutesy sort of song and easy to listen to

3) Ringa Linga – Taeyang – I have been a Taeyang fan for a year now and I loved his song Wedding Dress and I thought this time it would be another ballad by the sound of the introduction but he surpised me when he started spelling out his name. I don’t know about you but the music makes me want to dance so bad! I love the choreography and the scene seems to have a hip hop feel

4) Baddest Female – CL – I got introduced this song when Lucy, Chang Chan, another friend of ours and I went to do a bit of karaoke. I must admit I fell in love with this song! CL’s alter ego really fits in with this song and everything is so hardcore. Gold, silver – there are a lot of accessories won in the music video and again, I am liking the fashion style. Her dressing as a man with a Dali-like moustache rather suits her I think

5) Ma Boy – Sistar 19 – This is a song I discovered myself when I was on Youtube just scrolling through the related videos of music videos. Again, another catchy tune and I’m loving the very simple outfits in the video and the dance is also easy to follow

6) Growl – EXO – Are three songs allowed? EXO has grown on me when I thought in the past that it wouldn’t, how funny. I wasn’t into K-Pop until I heard proper songs that are very much like Western music, especially when it comes to Big Bang and 2NE1

7) Crooked/ One of a Kind – G-Dragon – I cannot decide between these two songs and since I have three more songs to choose cannot sacrifice another a place for another song. G-Dragon is a rapper that I have so much respect for. The video for Crooked took place in Brick Lane, London and I wouldn’t have known unless someone told me, I thought it was in America for some reason. nevertheless, I love the music video and the many outfit changes throughout  and you can tell that his fashion isn’t constant and is always changing

8) Heaven/I Will Show – Ailee – There is no doubt that Ailee has an amazing voice and an amazing presence. I love her singing and again i cannot decide between the two songs . Heaven has a personal sound and it’s a love song which I can guess can be sad or happy. I Will Show is a song I’ve been wanting to look for since ages! It took me a year to look it up again since I didn’t remember or note down the singer’s name or the title of the song. So I guess I’ve fallen in love with her last year. I Will Show is a song I’ve been wanting to look for since ages! It took me a year to look it up again since I didn’t remember or note down the singer’s name or the title of the song. So I guess I’ve fallen in love with her last year and it’s such a catchy song, fun to dance to. A.D.T.O.Y stands for All Day Thinking of You and is a love song, I really like the tune

9) Hands Up/A.D.T.O.Y – 2PM – Hands Up is partying and it’s such a catchy song, fun to dance to. A.D.T.O.Y stands for All Day Thinking of You and is a love song, I really like the tune

10) Don’t Go Home – G-Dragon & T.O.P – I love this song! It’s nearly three years old but the beat is just so funky and it’s got that feel like from the 80′s or 90′s. G-Dragon is an absolute cutie in the music video, the days before he goes all tattoos and more masculine. There’s a cute collaboration between the two as they work together to get the girl that G-D really likes in the music video. I am also liking T.O.P’s Doom Dad his voice is something to be liked by all the girls

My Top 10 K-Pop Playlist

So this is my playlist of my top 10 K-pop songs! For those of you who aren’t in the know just yet, let me enlighten you about some of my favourite songs and music videos from the colourful and wonderful world of Korean pop music! Please be aware that this is my personal playlist and not an official ranking of any site!

1) Growl – EXO – topping my list is the 2013 hit from K-pop sensation EXO with its contemporary R&B rhythm and smooth lyrics, not to mention the 360º choreography and one-take music video featuring all 12 members this song matches their growling spirit to protect their woman! The song has captured the hearts not only of Chinese and Korean fans but the international fans to become a worldwide hit

2) One Shot – B.A.P. – their biggest hit to date features powerful lyrics and an even more powerful music video about the brotherhood between the members in an edgy and crime-filled underbelly of a nameless city. The song itself is explosive and powerful with plenty of bass and an orchestral sound woven into a solid beat that will get you listening again and again!

3) Wo lf – EXO – Ah saranghaeyo! The dubstep and hip-hop fusion collide in a passionate story about a playboy ‘wolf’ falling hard for his ‘beauty’. The beat sticks to your chest while the melody rings in your ears as you hear EXO sing!

4) Come Back Home – 2NE1 – a grungy deep single you can really grind to that also has a mix of ballad? You’ll b e
hard pushed to find one that does it so well as “Come Back Home”. The futuristic and psychedelic music video is strangely addictive and the song’s spirit of calling someone back echoes long after the speakers have stopped moving

5) I Got a Boy – Girls Generation -€ clocking up over 90 million views and the winner of the YouTube Music Awards Video of the Year‚ (2013) this song and music video are a solid favourite in my music library; the choreography is hip-hop inspired and the song is an intense rush of sounds and styles with the tempo folding from verse to verse to create a song sensation like no other!

6) Boy in Luv – Bangtan Boys – why are you shaking my heart?! These rookies are new to the K-pop scene but are coming out fighting! Powerful hip-hop style vocals and deep rap make these bad boys an instant favourite with many fans and the classic school style setting is revved up into a fierce rap battle for a girl’s heart

7) Nillili Mambo – Block B – another unique hip-hop song from the even more unique Block B! Their rich vocal styles combine with the brass style instruments and bass for a modern and funky song and the music video has earnedhe title “chicken mv” among my friends, for reasons you may want to find out yourself

8) Crooked – G-Dragon — this song is a real favourite amongst the youth of Korea, as well as myself! The lyrics talk about being crooked not broken, spitting at the world, being scared and scaring alike and with the modern melody it’s one of my favourite takes on the modern world in K-Pop

9) Everybody – SHINee – coming at you from the dubstep genre here’s the toy-like boys of SHINee! Dancing like wind up soldiers and singing like no songbirds I’ve ever heard the boys show just how well they’ve matured through their career in this intense and fast-paced song

10) Doom Dada – T.O.P – this song is more famous for its MV than anything else but the lyrics strike deep into the modern lifestyle of its listeners and the rich and wonderfully deep voice of T.O.P keeps your ears waiting for every well executed (albeit surre. al) verse

Lucy Wright

Juanma by el Cuco


Juanma is a fashion label by a Spanish designer. His latest collection features a wholly simplistic yet stylish look with many sharp and sleek cut lines and block colours that can be seen as monochromatic with a touch of very slightly greenish blue and red tones. I love the mixed styles of smart and modern together to bring about that smart-casual look, which would be appealing for the majority of events that they can be worn in. It can also give a tomboyish feeling; the black trousers, in what seems to be a one-piece suit, are of short length and cut off to expose the ankles and the long length of dark, lightweight fabric to create a train effect at the back on some pieces. Although the colours seem to be dark, the collection is for Spring and Summer with its light, soft and breathable materials and fabrics.



The almost symmetrical and classical collection can be topped off with accessories such as gold necklaces, as styled in one or two photos, and bracelet cuffs. Due to the nature of the simplistic pieces here, almost anything that has lots of detail in the accessories can be worn to balance things out, as well to make a bold statement and convey individuality, meaning that the collection is fully flexible that are made easy to be styled with other things – a must for those who occasionally get stuck with what to wear, a personal problem that I like to admit.

The designer of this collection is fully educated in fashion design styling and industrial pattern making at a school of arts in Barcelona, Spain. Playing with mixing textures and volumes, he combines classics and modernity to create a nostalgic spirit as well as eliciting rebellious and provocative sides.


006 010

See the full collection here

Tim Ryan’s AW14 Collection

Anyone who is into fringe or fringe trims should definitely be on the lookout for Tim Ryan’s latest collection. The pieces are also perfect for summer festivals and overall, for the sunny season despite it being for AW14. It is inspired by the 1978 Russian film ‘Zhenshchina kotoraya poyot’ (The Woman who Sings) staring Alla Pugacheva. The plot centres on a woman finding a way to her true voice.image006

The collection identifies the vulnerability and exhibitionism that are essential in a woman who sings. The dark modernist interiors contrasting with the flamboyance of the theatres in which she sings are key to the colour ways, mood and fabrications in the collection. This is seen by the juxtaposition and clashing of moody dark-sky mohairs against strong blocks of basic modernist colour, black, ecru, red and blue. Additionally, the soft, intimate and protective cashmere fabric is featured to contrast with flashy Lurex and bold mohair furs. The current collection includes heavily fringed chevron jackets, lace banded tops, dramatically fringed skirts and signature scarves which are all handmade in limited edition.tim-ryan-lookbook

Self-taught knitwear designer Tim Ryan was born in 1973 in Puckane, Ireland and at the moment is based in London. Before studying sculpture at the Limerick School of Art and Design, Tim learnt to knit at home. The next 12 years was spent producing handmade knitted and crochet pieces for boutiques and private clients in Ireland, before moving to London in 2005.

Knitwear collections are always 100% handmade or hand-loomed on domestic machinery. All of Tim’s designs are ethically produced in Europe – mostly in the UK and Ireland – by a team of craftswomen fully skilled to produce the complex garments in cashmeres, silks and viscose, also creating his signature lace evening and fringed pieces.

To see the full collection visit Avenue32’s website here

Quick Recipes: Creamy Strawberry Smoothie


(Serves 1)

6 ripe spotty bananas
1 cup fresh or frozen strawberries

In a blender place the ingredients add about 3 cups of water and pulse blend, making sure a vortex doesn’t form
(this would oxidise the bananas making them taste funny). Once smooth pour into a cute jar and enjoy!

Perfect for on the go :)



 Robyn Eede

Important Tips About Bananas!

So bananas are a great staple for a high carbohydrate low fat vegan diet. They are about 100 calories each, which is perfect for a quick calorie dense meal (about 5-10 for one meal) to keep you going until the next meal. They are easy to eat, just peel and munch. They are very nutritious being about 93% carbohydrate, 4% protein and 3% fat. They also contain about (now you will be surprised) 85% water of their total weight! However, it is extremely important to make sure they are RIPE before eating.

photo 1

Here is an example of a very UNRIPE banana

This should not be eaten yet because it is mainly starches which is hard to digest causing bloating and constipation (too much info sorry). And we know nobody wants that. It is also hard, leaves a film on your teeth and is not very sweet. Therefore it should be left at least 2-7 days (depending on the temperature) to become more like the one below. In winter it can take up to 2 weeks for them to reach perfect sweetness, so buy in advance.

Here is an example of a  RIPE banana

Here is an example of a RIPE banana


In this banana almost all the starches have been converted into sugars which means it is fast digesting, soft, leaves your teeth clean and is delicious. It would be best if left another day or two just to make it extra sweet, but if you

just can’t wait then this is great. Now there is a lot of controversy about bananas. People say, ‘don’t eat too many or you will get too much potassium’. Now we must remember we need potassium chloride. It is vital for cell function so it is an essential nutrient. It is found in most fruit and vegetables, bananas not even being no. 1.

Most people are actually low in potassium. You would need to eat 300 bananas in 30 seconds to get the lethal dose…
(Which is physically impossible aha) before the kidneys excrete it. So bananas are very safe and extremely beneficial for heart and muscle communication and guess what metabolism – yes the potassium helps you lose weight (or gain if your underweight) clever hey!

You can buy them by the box from Lidl at £12 for 18kg each week. We have a banana cycle where we buy e.g. 40kg
allow to ripen then buy another load, then by the time all the first load are eaten the second load is ready to eat.
I hope this information was helpful, all info adapted from book ’80/10/10 by Dr. Douglas Graham’ and Freelee on YouTube.

Fruity Hint: banana skins are pretty good teeth whiteners, rub the inside of the peel on your teeth before you go to bed a couple of times a week and you may see them whitening. Take before and after pictures to see the results.

Robyn Eede